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Running a successful business requires finding the right people, and then helping them develop their careers within the company. So how do you know if you fit the bill?

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We look for people who have enthusiasm, tenacity and confidence as well as technical competence. You need to be able to work well with other people and you may even have the potential to be a leader. We've identified a number of key behaviours and attitudes that we look for in all our people. If these sound like you, then Tate & Lyle could well be the right company for you.


Focus on customer solutions
We are a service-led organisation. We establish and enhance long-term customer relationships, and we demonstrate resourcefulness and ingenuity in surpassing customer expectations.

Drive change
Delivering growth requires us to anticipate market trends and embrace change. We thrive on the complexity of the marketplace and are inspired by curiosity, innovation and the enthusiasm to seize opportunities.

Express courage and confidence
Leadership demands the ability to act with integrity, and commitment to our collective and individual values. We need the courage to take risks, and the confidence to adapt ourselves to the changing needs of the business.

Attract and develop talent
The best leaders are those who inspire their colleagues to surpass their own expectations of themselves. At Tate & Lyle we identify outstanding talent, while helping all of our people realise their potential.

Act as a global player
Our business spans the globe, and we need to be aware of how events and trends in one part of the world might affect the whole. As we expand our operations into more and more countries, we must be open to learning from different cultures, traditions and experiences.

Achieve outstanding results
Great results are expected of everyone at Tate & Lyle, and we need to ensure that our work has a visible and measurable impact on the business. This can only happen if we work as a team.


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