• How many graduates do you employ each year?

    It varies from year to year. Check back in the Fall for more information.

  • What sorts of jobs are available?

    In 2011 we are looking for graduates to join us in Operations, Finance and Research.

  • Can I apply by post?

    No, the applications will need to go through your college’s career center website.

  • Which colleges do you recruit from?


    • Millikin University
    • Eastern Illinois University
    • University of Illinois
    • Illinois State University


    • Iowa State
    • Purdue University
    • Rolla, University of Missouri
    • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
    • University of Iowa - Iowa City
    • University of Illinois


    • University of Illinois
    • Purdue University
    • University of Florida
    • Rutgers
    • Iowa State
    • University of Wisconsin

  • When is the deadline for applications?

    The deadline varies depending on the date we visit the school. The career center will have the details.

  • How will you get in touch with me?

    Either by email or by phone.

  • What minimum qualifications do I need to apply?

    These vary depending on the program. You can find out from us what the minimum qualifications are for the program you're interested in when we come and visit your campus

  • I need a work permit to work in the US; will Tate & Lyle sponsor my application?

    No. Generally Tate & Lyle does not sponsor work permits or visas, therefore you will need to ensure that you have a subsisting right to work in the US before applying for one of our schemes.

  • I have already graduated and have some work experience post-graduation; can I still apply?

    Yes, Tate & Lyle will consider candidates who have work experience following the completion of their degree. However you will need to apply using the same process.

  • Do I need to fill in the application form if I send in my resume?