Taking care of our environment

Our environmental efforts have been recognised by the FTSE4Good Index, an index focused on companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, that measures the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practises. Our annual membership highlights our leadership in delivering our corporate social responsibility and sustainability commitments.

Since 2008 we have reduced:


Reduced energy use per tonne of production by 5%


Reduced CO2 emissions per tonne of production by 10.4%


Reduced water use per tonne of production by 3.2%


Reduced waste to landfill per tonne of production by 4.6%
Our energy reduction cuts emissions and costs, giving us an edge with our customers in this competitive market. With our better carbon footprint it’s a win/win.
Dan Kirk
Plant Manager, Lafayette South, Indiana

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Key environmental highlights from the 2016 Annual Report

Across our operations and joint ventures, we focus on three aspects of our activities that have the greatest potential impact on the environment:

Energy use and carbon emissions
Projects include replacing the boiler economiser unit at our Lafayette South, US plant with a new model; upgrading the economiser unit at our Almex joint venture plant in Mexico; and constructing a new gas-fired electrical co-generation plant at our Loudon, US facility. These changes will increase the efficiency of energy generation and reduce fuel use (and carbon emissions) at these sites.

Water use
We reduced our overall water use per tonne of production by 1.4%. As a result of water efficiency projects and programmes in our Santa Rosa, Brazil plant achieved a 9% reduction in water use through improved water recovery and re-use, and a proportionate reduction in waste water. 

Waste to landfill
We have carried out a number of successful waste reduction projects in recent years, for example: at Loudon, US we have significantly reduced waste to landfill by the off-site reuse of wastewater treatment plant residuals. Overall, since 2008 our waste to landfill per tonne of production has reduced by 4.6%. 

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We believe that everyone at Tate & Lyle should be safe, respected and fairly treated.


We want to play a positive role in the communities around us, changing lives for the better through our local and global community progammes and volunteering.


Safety comes first, both for our employees and for everyone who comes to our sites.
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