For Tate & Lyle, Corporate Responsibility (CR) means applying our three core Values - safety, integrity and respect - to all aspects of our business 

We seek to continually improve the way that we mange, perform in and report on CR matters.

We approach CR from a stakeholder perspective, in terms of:

  • Workplace: where we seek to attain the highest standards of safety, employee engagement and ethics. We believe that everyone should be safe at work and be treated fairly and with respect.
  • Environment: where we seek to operate our business in a way that is as environmentally sustainable as practical. We aim to minimise the environmental footprint of our direct operations, our products and their packaging, and of our supply chain.
  • Marketplace: where we seek to achieve the highest standards of product safety and functionality, of agricultural raw materials, in the conduct of our commercial relationships, and in the standards within our supply chain.
  • Community Involvement: where we seek to have a positive and lasting relationship with our local, and global, communities; changing things for the better in the areas of education, well-being and the environment.


We have no higher priority than safety.

A hard hat


We seek to operate our business in a way that is as environmentally sustainable as practical.


We have a strong history of community involvement in the areas of education, well-being and the environment. 

Our Values

Our Values define what we stand for and how we behave with our customers, suppliers, investors, the communities we operate in and with each other

Santa Rosa’s neighbourly approach to safety

Santa Rosa’s neighbourly approach to safety

Our responsibilities in emergency situations do not stop at our gates. We need to do everything in our power to prevent dangerous situations – while working with our neighbours to build a safer environment. Cleiton Tavares is Safety and Quality Manager in Santa Rosa, Brazil, where Tate & Lyle works with local companies and the community in a not-for-profit group we established in 1995.

“Should the unexpected occur, we want to be prepared,” he says. “Members of the Emergency Mutual Help Plan – Ribeirao Preto City and Region (PAME-RPR) meet monthly to discuss safety issues related to prevention, as well as emergency response. At one meeting, our Emergency Brigade conducted a fire simulation – such activities bring the plan to life.”

By talking and planning, the PAME-RPR builds relationships that could save lives.  “Organizing our efforts helps better ensure the protection of our companies, the environment and our community,” Cleiton says.