Food science (summer internship) 

Rachel Wicklund

Rachel Wicklund - Food Scientist 

"It’s fun to come up with new products. I get to make food every day and eat it!"
Rachel Wicklund - Food Scientist

With a first degree in Chemical Engineering, Rachel Wicklund went on to gain a Masters in Food Science. Having heard good things about Tate & Lyle – the Decatur plant is close to her university in Illinois – she applied for a Food Scientist position and joined us in 2006.

“Food is such a multi-disciplinary area,” explains Rachel. “It’s about R&D, manufacturing, working with customers and consumers, understanding what’s going on in society and predicting trends. And it’s fun to come up with new products. I get to make food every day and eat it!”

After a series of rotations covering both pure and applied science, Rachel’s current role, developing texturants in soups, sauces and dressings, involves a bit of both. “As part of the Applications team I design experiments and analytical techniques, and I also present the commercial benefits to customers. I enjoy working with people, whether it’s brainstorming with colleagues, giving training sessions or helping customers understand what our products can do for them.”

About the scheme
Have you completed a minimum of junior level coursework? Achieved outstanding academic performance? Do you have strong inter-personal and team skills?

We’re looking for outstanding Food Science or Food Chemistry majors to join our exciting internship programme with the Technical Service and Applications research group based in Decatur, Illinois. Being closely involved in the daily activities of the group, this programme will give you a good foundation on which to begin building a career in the food industry. You may also have the opportunity to be assigned to a specific project for the duration of the internship.

Working alongside the technical service and applications group, as an intern you’ll experience:

  • Product development – modified starches, sweeteners, and specialty products;
  • Product evaluation, using analytical and/or physical testing equipment;
  • Assisting in training sessions;
  • Participating in or conducting sensory evaluation;
  • Conducting process development studies.

  • We offer competitive compensation and assistance with summer housing arrangements as appropriate.

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